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New Level of Freedom - Simultaneous Multitrack Playback
Dear musicians, my name is Ara Grigoryan, graphic designer and former musician. I want to introduce you the revolutionary and free new music format which allows separately and simultaneously control the volume level and sounding of each musical instrument during song playback. This new audio format, led to the creation of mobile app that can play such files which in turn led to the creation of a new platform for the promotion of musicians. Our press releases were sent to many music producers and magazines, so there is a chance... Besides, you can use this free format: - For rehearsals anywhere, and with any member of your band. - For creating a new type of karaoke songs. - For the creation of new kind of music mixes. - As new music instrument on concerts. - To create the music lessons where the student can lower down the part he plays.
The Idea & app

Once I have wondered, how would have been nice - to have the opportunity to separately control the sounding and volume of each musical instruments. Because technically impossible to implement it is to ordinary songs, I have found another solution. As we know - each musical instrument of musical composition is recorded separately and then they are mixed. My method does not require mixing and all that needed - put separate audio tracks in the free Matroska file-container, and compile multitrack file. The result had been new audio format.

After arose the question: what application can play this file? I knew that all media-players can play just one audio track, and therefore I decide to create a multitrack media player which was released after one year of development. Currently iMixplayer has over 80.000 users worldwide. There are many musicians from Armenia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Poland, Russia, Sweden and USA who provided their songs for promotional purposes. 
By the way this application is not the same as pro applications such as Native Traktor, Logic Pro, Cubase and similar.
What it gives the musicians

The main purpose of the app and new audio format is to become the new advertising platform and useful tool for the musicians. Also for entertain the people, giving them a chance to learn about your music simultaneously. You can present new songs at iMixPlayer as well in new format, just like you load a video clip on Youtube. But In this case people can play with song tracks without capabilities to extract the files from the app. 

Participation and Benefits

If you like the idea and have the opportunity to share for free one of your songs in multitrack format, it will be awesome! Participants also can use this format for their needs even if they can not share a song. I will appreciate if they tell the fans and friends about this new opportunity. Your participation and support means a lot. 

Here is a list of benefits that musicians can get by supporting multitrack playback. 

1.	App users can buy your music directly within the app by using iTunes button. 
2.	Music producers and agents can notice you here.
3.	You can attract the media which will tell about new format - while listening to your music.
4.	On our pages on social networks visitors can buy your song on iTunes or Amazon.
5.	Quantity of app users growing, so that every day new users will find out about you.
6.	I have plans to launch an online-shop on sale of multitrack songs and samples In the near future. Current participants will have preferences. 

1.	Register, fill up your profile with desired information and links. (iTunes, Fb. Twitter,	YouTube.) Add more info in bio which will be visible for all users.
2.	Download necessary free software which links are available on the download section.
3.	Create your multitrack songs or ask us to help.
4.	Upload multitrack song to the website. To avoid copyright violations and to check that song is technically meets our criteria, it will pass approval process. Your song can not be downloaded by users in a conventional manner from a website and will appear within the app without possibility to export or save.
How it works

Music database is the same for both versions of the app. Our users will download your multitrack songs within the app only. They can change the sounding of the separate tracks using equalizer, change the volume level of music instruments using five-channel mixer, and can save presets for the changes they have made in equalizer or mixer. No changes in the songs themselves, users not are able to make.
Data protection

I have made a three-tier protection to avoid any risks concerning that some users will want to export some of the songs to the tracks.

1.   On a hardware level - users cannot export downloaded songs from the app. 
2.   On a human level - participants should mix up song tracks, so that the desired track has been mixed with another one. 
3.   If you want to participate, but do not wish let to users play with separate tracks of your song, just upload it with two tracks, for example backing tracks and vocal, because the minimum number of audio tracks inside the uploaded multitrack file should be two. 
4.   You can delete your song at any time you want, and it will be removed from the server.
5.   iMixPlayer is a media player developed for iPad only, because this platform provides the highest data security.  

iMixPlayer download links.


Open app and tap "DOWNLOAD FREE AUDIO & VIDEO" On Main page, after that follow the instructions on the screen.
Features for Filmmakers, Teachers and Karaoke lovers.

1. I suggest use the iMixPlayer features to create multitrack movies with separate audio tracks such as soundtracks, special effects and even actors voices inside.
2. I suggest use the iMixPlayer features to create multitrack lessons for learning foreign languages, music and for education purposes in general.
3. I suggest use the iMixPlayer features to create new kind of Karaoke. 

This would be impossible to do with regular songs, but it is possible now with iMixPlayer and Simultaneous Multitrack Playback.