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iMixPlyer has been created as a regular media player for more demanding users who want to watch movies, listen to the music, and discover new opportunities in the media content consumption.
Mixing unlimited

In addition to basic media player functionality, iMixPlayer offers the opportunity to use it as a professional tool for musicians, DJ`s and sound engineers or become one of them.

1.	Five-channel mixer allows mixing up to five active audio tracks simultaneously.
2.	Three-band equalizer - to control the sound of all or any audio track.
3.	Free promotional tool for the artists who can upload their own mixes or multitrack songs to the server.
Multitrack Songs

Once I have wondered, how would have been nice to have the opportunity to separately control the sound and volume of each musical instruments while i listen to the song. Sounds crazy, but I have found another approach. As we know - each musical instrument of musical composition is recorded separately and then they are mixed. I decided to use my app as a platform where these things are possible. 
Since I was a musician, I used my song for experiment and made my first multitrack song which are amazed my musician friends. Now you can download for free, the songs and music videos within the app.
Multitrack Movies?

After I came up how to use Matroska container to create songs with the individual control the sound of each instruments, I thought, but what about the movies? Why we cannot control the sound of soundtrack, special effects and even actors voices independently. So now I suggest to moviemakers use the iMixPlayer features and create multitrack movies with separate audio tracks and upload to imixplayer, to make your movie available to our users around the world. 
Kara Ok..

Karaoke makers & lovers, here me out! iMixPlayer is a perfect tool for you. You can create awesome karaoke and use the app for it playback. Put Instrumental and voice recording together in MKA file and amaze your friends by reducing the vocals volume level in the front of them. 
Free promotional tool

As we see, just one imixplayer feature opens many opportunities in different levels. This mobile app led to the creation of a new platform for the musician`s promotion. By uploading your own song or music video, you can be promoted via imixplayer worldwide. Currently iMixplayer has over 90.000 users. Musicians from Armenia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Poland, Russia, Sweden and the USA provided their songs for their promotion. You can present your new songs at iMixPlayer as well in the multitrack format, just like you load a video clip on YouTube. 
What for else?

- For rehearsals anywhere, with any member of the band. 
- As the new music instrument during the live performance.
- The guitarist Peter Gellat idea (Holy Moses) - to create the music lessons where the student can lower down the part he plays. 
Participation and Benefits

If you like the idea and have the opportunity to share for free one of your songs, it will be awesome! Here is a list of benefits that musicians can get by uploading song to imixplayer. 

1.	App users can buy your music directly within the app by pressing on iTunes button. 
2.	Music producers and agents can catch you here.
3.	You can attract the media inviting them to try out your song in multitrack format.
4.	Our FB and Twitter visitors can be redirected to iTunes or Amazon to buy your songs.
5.	Quantity of app users growing, so that every day new users will find out about you.
6.	There is a plans to launch an online-shop on sale of multitrack songs, samples & loops. 
Current participants will have preferences. 

1.	Register; fill up your profile with desired information and links. (iTunes, Fb. Twitter,	YouTube.) Add more info in the bio which will be visible for all users.
2.	Download necessary free software which links are available on the download section.
3.	Create your multitrack songs or ask us to help.
4.	Upload multitrack song to the website. To avoid copyright violations and to check that song technically meets our criteria, it will pass the approval process. Your song cannot be downloaded by users in a conventional manner from a website and will appear within the app without the possibility to export or save.
How it works

The music database is the same for both versions of the app. Our users will download your multitrack songs within the app only. They can change the sounding of the separate tracks using the equalizer, change the volume level of music instruments using the five-channel mixer, and can save presets for the changes they have made in equalizer or mixer. No changes in the songs themselves, users are not able to make.
Data protection

I have made a three-tier protection avoid any risks concerning that some users will want to export some of the songs to the tracks.

1.   On a hardware level - users cannot export downloaded songs from the app. 
2.   On a human level - participants should mix up song tracks so that the desired track has been mixed with another one. 
3.   If you want to participate, but do not wish let to users play with separate tracks of your song, just upload it with two tracks, for example backing tracks and vocal, because the minimum number of audio tracks inside the uploaded multitrack file should be two. 
4.   You can delete your song at any time you want, and it will be removed from the server.
5.   iMixPlayer is a media player developed for iOS only, because this platform provides the highest data security.
6. This app is not the same as pro software such as Native Traktor, Logic Pro, Cubase and similar. It`s easier for use and gives more fun.   

iMixPlayer download links.


Open app and tap "DOWNLOAD FREE AUDIO & VIDEO" On Main page, after that follow the instructions on the screen.